Will the D600 be updated soon?

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Re: It's been fixed for some time.

Art Zaczek wrote:

NO you don’t – I have read your posts too. I’m not going to ask what the magic serial number is, Nikon will not give this out so you don’t know this either.

Proof - Exif photos (1)0075 /serial #5015, (2)0285 / serial #5016. Both new, fresh stock from authorized Nikon Canada dealer.

I’m not for real? Don’t know what I’m looking at? Maybe you don’t. Never even had a D600? I had two – you need receipts, I have them too. Everyone that says the issue is still present are also not for real? Just check the Nikon, Nikonians, Nikonroumors, people buying the camera NOW have the same problem. Nikon is not able to fix this issue, just trying to patch a unit that comes in.

As for my credibility of posting history-what does that have anything to do with the issue, don’t tell me a website or hundreds of posts.

Good grief.

What sort of crap are you posting? Do you honestly think anyone is going to be moronic enough to think that this is dirt/oil or anything other than something that you have added in post???

Get a life.

Here is what the posters fraudulent image looks like at (100% crop from second image):

Suggest everyone else follow Steve's example and assign this person to the Ignore list.

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