macbook pro + external screen for photo editing

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Re: 13" non-R MBP 2.9GHz i7 + SSD + 27"

Jacques Cornell wrote:

One note, the HDD and optical bays are user-serviceable, but they're not intended to be. Getting at 'em is a bit of a chore and voids the warranty.

"User-serviceable" and "easy to service" are not always one and the same thing.

"User-serviceable" means that Apple considers the item to be thus, and that as long as you do not damage the computer, you won't void your warranty on the Apple-supplied part of the computer.  There's no guarantee that the job will be easy; just that it's not impossible.

For instance, consider three series of Apple minitowers:  the PowerMac 8500/9500s, the PowerMac 8600/9600s, and the Mac Pros.  The 8500s/9500s had a reputation of being painful to upgrade.  The 8600s/9600s had a drive assembly that swung out of the way so you could easily get to RAM and PCI slots on the motherboard.  The Mac Pros have a design where the HDDs/SSDs themselves are mounted on slide-out trays so you don't have to futz around trying to screw the drives in place within the narrow confines of a case.  All of these designs are user-serviceable, but the Pro design is the easiest to service.

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