"White Box" lenses, yeah or ney?

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Re: "White Box" lenses, yeah or ney?

I have no experience with white box lens but I would like to put my two pennith in regarding the choice of lens.

I have a 24-105 L that I owned for some time prior to getting a full frame body. I purchased some time later, a 15- 85 IS, after-which the 24-105 never saw the light of day until I purchased a full frame body where it now stays steadfastly attached (yes it is a fabulous lens).

IMHO, 24mm is simply not wide enough for a crop sensor camera in a walk around lens, as this is equiv to 35mm.

So two other choices.

For speed - 17-55 F2 IS (about the same price as 24-105)

For better zoom range  15-85 IS (cheaper than the 24-105)

Both these lenses have excellent IQ, in particular the 17-55 IS but the 15-85 not far short.

The 17-55 IS IQ is on PAR with 24-105 L (IMO).

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