How satisfied are you with your E-M5?

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Re: Completely disagree-based on experience

Donald Chin wrote:

If I were on vacation I definitely will bring along just the RX1, and if you really think interchangeable lenses is a must I suggest you think about getting a D600 to replace your D700 to save weight.

I thought that I would always want to mainly shoot with a serious DSLR, but experience is teaching me that my OM-D can do everything my DSLR can, and sometimes more...and also be much more likely to be with me, when a photographic opportunity comes along,

I had previously lugged my Olympus E-3 and now E-5 and a second body and 3 or four lenses to places like tha Galapagos and all over Europe. On my current trip to Buones Aires and Rion de Janeiro, I took along the OM-D and also the Olympus PL5, as well as the 12/2 12-50zoom, 45 and 70f1.8's and Panasonic 45-200 zoom, the little clip-on flash and mic and chargesr and batteries and extra SD cards. It all fit neatly into the Domke F-5XC bag, which has the wonderful feature of allowing access to both cameras though the top, and to the three lenses not already on the cameras through the front. Asaide from some quality concerns with the Panasonic lens, which does not seem to be in the same league as the little Olympus jewels, I have found this lightweight outfit more than - capable of producing great images in every conceivable shooting situation (except fast-action CAF - the common of all such cameras.

I did take the trusty E-5 dslr and its excellent 7-14 and 12-60 zooms and fisheye lens along too. But except for a few occasions on which I took just it and the 12-60 along the sandy beach (becausoe the weather and sandproofing is likely better than that of the OM-D) or took out the PL-5 and a couple of lenses to make room for the 7-14 and FT>mFT adapter, the regular-sized gear has mostly stayed in the hotel room.

I will likely keep the E-5 because it is a rugged camera I am extremely familiar with, and will keep the FT lenses I have because they tend to be very good, and because most of them fairly well on mFT. But I will not be taking them travelling again! (Well, maybe one or two lenses

BTW, one huge benefit of EVF when travelling, and often having to shoot quicly and in a lot of sun is that they will show you what you will get and are getting with the settings you have currently deliberately - or inadvertantly chosen. It is very easy to, on a bright day when you can barely see your LCD and are moving from indoor to outdoor situations, forget that you have dialed in a stop or more of exposure correction, when a sudden subject, in different light, comes along. This is a mistake you will immediately be alerted to and correct on an EVF camera, but may not detect until you have ruined several potentially great shots on a dslr.

And the small size, quiet shutter and very discretely tilting LCD  on the OM-D also make it a much easier camera to shoot candids with, to quietlly hang from your shoulder inside a jacket at formal occasions, or to avoid attracting attention from thieves.  I am finding it the perfect travel camera: even more quiet, light and discrete than the Leica M4 I briefly used decades ago.

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