macbook pro + external screen for photo editing

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Re: 13" non-R MBP 2.9GHz i7 + SSD + 27"

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

One note, the HDD and optical bays are user-serviceable, but they're not intended to be. Getting at 'em is a bit of a chore and voids the warranty.

Not the HDD bay. The printed manual for the MBP that comes with it has instructions on how to change the HDD. I don't think they can claim it voids the warranty if it is described in the manual without such a warning.

And in locations where there are third-party certified Apple service centers, if you let them put things in, they will not complain if you bring it in for any warranty work. Otherwise they would in a way blaming themselves for having damaged something and they also have no incentive to deny warranty claims. They get reimbursed for parts and labour from Apple (they probably have to send in the defect parts they replaced) if they declare it a warranty case.

One drawback of the 13" non-Retina model is that the screen has only 1280 x 800 pixels. This is enough for Web browsing and writing papers, but I have seen people comment that it is a bit cramped for using certain photo programs (e.g., Lightroom) on the go.

Whether Retina or non-, 13" is small. That said, I recently processed about 3,000 images during a 6-week trip without difficulty. Aperture in full-screen mode works really well on smaller displays.

I have the same setup (well, 24" instead of 27") and Aperture is really useable on the 13" screen but LR is more cramped because it does not go completely fullscreen and any controls require a extra click to appear (can't be moved around) whereas in Aperture's fullscreen mode both navigation and main control panels appear by just moving the cursor the top or bottom of the screen (and disappear again when you mouse away again).

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