The D7100 "through the looking glass"...

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I like your approach mosswings...

The dark side of the "IQ" ideology is that one should be able to do any violence in software without compromising the image: and by pointing that out I don't mean to denigrate the value of the extreme robustness of the Exmor sensors, nor to ridicule beginners who rightly value a camera that can cover for them. But I still maintain that the majority of quality images will be shot by those of us who focus and expose accurately, and with quality optics on a camera set to reasonable parameters in terms of ISO, aperture, etc.. I think that the D7100 is a bit of an outlier in Nikon's general path of development, and I don't see it dominating discussion in this forum the way the D7000 did. The real strength of the D7100 has already emerged in terms of pixel density and focus accuracy for wildlife photography (and perhaps outdoor sports?). It may well be the case that the D7000 is at least in the ballpark with the D7100 in every other area of specialization - and remains more representative of Nikon's quest for bulletproof images. The D7000 was certainly the gateway drug to the D800 - which is why all of your experts have left. As for me, I'm just passing through - as I did in 2005 with the D70.

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