Nikon vs Canon; a few question

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Re: Nikon vs Canon; a few question

1) "Canon professional lenses are better" (Not sure about that one but they do have more of a wow factor since they're white and make you look like a pro to soccer parents)

2 "Nikon consumer lenses are better" (Never heard that)

3) "Nikons are more often employed in the studio setting due to superior flash systems" (I've heard this many times but I don't know if it's true or how recent that information is. Maybe in the 80s/90s?. I blame Ken Rockwell for this myth."

4) "Most sport/wildlife photographers use Canons becuase XYZ" (Maybe true at one time as per Canon professional services but now I can see just as many black lenses in the sports stands as I see white ones. As for wildlife photography; no idea)

5 "Most landscape photographers use Nikons" (Bullocks)

6) "Canons create 'disney' colors when shooting JPEG" (huh?)

7) "Nikon JPEGs have a green tint to them" (I read a review once and the D800 photos did appear more green than the Canon Mark III. Who knows what factors were present)

8) "The older you are, the more likley it is you shoot with a Nikon" (Maybe true. Canon seems to have a more aggressive marketing campaign though they are thankfully lacking Ashton Kutcher. Here's another fun fact; Out of the seven weddings I've been to in the last five years, all seven of them had photographers in their 20s/30s using Canons.)

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