One thing I miss about my DSLR

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Re: One thing I miss about my DSLR

Tuloom wrote:

rogatsby wrote:

...but I was trying to get a panning shot and a higher shutter speed would not give me the background I wanted.

Got it, but settle down on one variable at a time. Try having the boy ride over a mark if possible (like tape) several times and use a high shutter speed with manual focus. Once he's in focus over that point, have him repeat, lower shutter speed and go for the panning shot over that mark. I rotate my torso as opposed to my shoulders when panning. YMMV.

"Son son, go back to the edge of the stage and start over."

"No. No, this will only take a minute. Give him the diploma back."

"Oh sorry, one more time."

"What do you mean, "I'm embarrassing you"? Come don't be a w@nker"

"Shoot, just not getting it, again please"

"You won't do it again? Well, would you like me to tell all your classmates what I caught you doing last night in the bathroom? Get you're bloody @rse over there then!"

"What? Screw you, your little twit can wait to get his diploma. The nerve of some people. Now son, one more time"


Thank you

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