Is the Ricoh GR truly pocketable?

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Re: Is the Ricoh GR truly pocketable?

photoreddi wrote:

Rigby wrote:

I'm in a position where I can't first play with a GR before buying it and I really want to know if it is a camera that can actually fit in my pocket. Is it something I could put in my (relatively tight) jeans pocket and walk around with without being annoyed by?

Since you wrote two days ago that you are unaware of any stores in Australia that have the GR in stock, one solution would be to wait until some arrive in Vanbar or Camera House. Alternatively, look for cameras that are similar in size whether new or used, such as the GR IV and earlier models or Nikon's Coolpix A.

Interesting to see who will actually stock these cameras.  Ricoh cameras seem to have been increasingly ignored by stockists here over the years.  Electronic goods outlets seem to eaither snap up end of the model line items or highly popular everyman lines.  Groups like Camera House tend to carry them as "specials" presumably when they can get a good bulk buy price.  As long as the GR remains popular it is going to be a toss up as to whether the Camera House group members decide to stock it because it has become generally "interesting" and might sell or whether they will wait until it has become harder to sell and pick up a bulk buy to sell as a special.  On the other hand right at the moment they seem in short supply world wide.

ie: might be a while before they are visible in a showcase near you.

So we might wonder whether Ricoh has seriously under-estimated demand and therefore not made enough initial supply. Strange as they have come out with a wonder-camera that seems to be firing imagination and was aggressively priced.  Being well-priced they might have imagined that the camera would have been sought after and made opeining stocks accordingly but maybe this was one last fling and Rioch have sold themself short (again) on how well respected their product really is.

Hopefully the seeming demand for the GR is making them "think harder" about the GXR.

If the Coolpix A fits, the GR should also fit because even though it's 0.2 inches wider (4.6" vs 4.4") the Coolpix A is taller (2.5" vs 2.4") and fatter (1.6" vs 1.4"). The GR IV is slightly smaller than the GR, 4.3"x2.4"x1.3" vs 4.6"x2.4"x1.4".

Seems good advice.  Also make up a little cardboard and taped up box to the right dimensions and try that in the pocket.  It should cause some comment from your friends.

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