Is the Ricoh GR truly pocketable?

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Re: Is the Ricoh GR truly pocketable?

Snap Judgements wrote:

Snap Judgements wrote:

Rigby wrote:

I'm in a position where I can't first play with a GR before buying it and I really want to know if it is a camera that can actually fit in my pocket. Is it something I could put in my (relatively tight) jeans pocket and walk around with without being annoyed by?

Appreciate any thoughts from those who have it!

The GR V is not pocketable in the manner you described. The Canon S110 might do that for you.,454

Looks like quite a few think the camera is pocketable. Yes, if you wear cargo shorts. Yes if you are wearing rodeo clown pants. Yes if you are placing in jacket pocket. No for most others unless you are not liking your camera too much and want to jam it in there real good. I am sure that in a tight pocket there are stressors put on the camera that will eventually effect performance, dust being the least of them.

The earlier Ricoh cameras could be switched on accidentally either in case or pocket and would gaily extend their lens until it jammed.  Somewhere along the line I believe Ricoh introduced a pressure limiting cutout so it should no longer be a problem.  Of course it would have to be a freak accident to do so.  I did once accidentally switch on an earlier GRD when fumblng to get it out of a belt case but it caused no real problem other than a bit of temporary excitement.

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