Is the Ricoh GR truly pocketable?

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Re: Is the Ricoh GR truly pocketable?

Sabud wrote:

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Tom Caldwell wrote:

Yes the camera will fit in a jeans pocket, I just slip it into a small draw string micro-fibre bag first.

Any tips on a well-fitting micro-fibre bag, please?

Sorry don't know. I use a 'small' bag of protective neoprene. By the way, my display (NEX5) was damaged when I used micro-fibre for cleaning. So I am not really interested in any micro-fibre bags

Encl. info.


I have used micro-fibre cloths for cleaning lenses and screens for years without problem.  I think that there is must be "micro-fibre" and micro-fibre.  I have a number of cloths specifically sold or given away to me as lens cleaning cloths.  These are the ones I have used for cleaning - presuming that they were recommended for the purpose. On the other hand I bought a pack of "micro-fibre" cloths thinking that I might use them to do the same job and after having a look at them I was not so sure  (different material).  The bags I bought seem to be made of the same cloth as the lens cloths that I have  - soft and suede-like to touch.

I don't have a NEX5 but have a NEX6 and I have used made-for-lens-cleaning cloths to wipe off finger marks with them to no apparent problem so far.

I am not sure of the lcd covering here.  Mine looks like it is a hard cover plate but yours looks more like a coating that is coming off. I know that the early GRDIII and GXR models used the same Sony sourced screens as the NEX and that they have problems with the anti-glare coating crazing  and I believe that the same generation NEX cameras had a similar problem.  However the damage that you show here doesn't quite look like the damage on my cameras and tthe NEX5 is probably a later model that should be immune from that problem

Sorry to see your damage, it does look a bit ugly.

My bags look ok and there are expensive Matin brand microfibre bags that I bought to try as well.  They are lined and have toggles.  But they were too large for the purpose as the GR "disappeared" into it and there was too much overall bulk to put the bag and camera in pocket.  The 11x17 cm simple unlined bags of suede-like microfibre are a cheap,  light and easily stowed solution and I am not going to be cleaning the camera with them.  Of course they are useless for protection for knocks and swipes but good enough to protect from surface abrasion and scratches.

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