Aperture Still Doing Some Weird Things Processing RAW

Started Jun 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
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sussed it!

I think i've sussed it for the time being....well too an extent anyway and until i come across another anomaly!

Thanks for all the help offered though! Basically my photos were taken in 16:9. On the rear LCD they are displayed in the native 4:3 with a white box for the aspect ratio. Trouble is, it was this 4:3 view that i wanted. The software that came with my camera actually has both aspect ratios. Aperture displayed only the 16:9 cropped view. After reading around, i found a work around which was to batch edit the EXIF. I thought this worked, but it turns out i followed the instructions to the last word and didn't edit the aspect ratio to match the megapixel count of my camera. This resulted in cropping of the 4:3 photos as well. Now that I used the correct megapixel count, they seem fine!

If you're wondering why i went to such great lengths to retain the full 4:3 images, that's because when i took the photos during my holiday, i almost always went by the post-shooting review which was 4:3. And because my lens were all not very wide, nearly every photo was significantly outside of the 16:9 white frame. There was no way i could be satisfied with the 16:9 cropped photos.

Oh and i also worked out how to embed screenshots. But for some reason, i still can't embed photos from flickr.


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