Will the D600 be updated soon?

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Re: Probably depends on where this model is in the line up ...

ne beginner wrote:

Eric Jacobs wrote:

ne beginner wrote:

On the D600, we have a consumer grade body that is not as sealed as a pro grade body. Compounded by many people using consumer grade, i.e. lightly sealed or unsealed, zoom lenses. Like the 24-85 kits. These lenses breath: suck in air ... and dust, moisture, etc.

I've avoided posting about the D600 oil/dust issue since it seems to be a pointless exercise in trying to determine how widespread the problem is. But this statement, which attempts to explain the cause and which I've seen posted many times before, is just incorrect. I don't see how anyone can look at photos from different bodies where the majority of the debris is in the same corner of the frame and contend that it's dust that's brought into the camera from outside. It's clearly generated from within the camera. If it came from outside, it would be randomly distributed and that's not the case.

I've used a D700 for a long time. I've never had a problem with lubricant splatter, and any dust has been minimal, resolved with a rocket blower. I would have purchased a D600 as a second body, but I won't given that this issue still seems to be present in current production.

Eric, you must be a journalist, the way you so skillfully lifted one statement, placed it out of context, then tried to use that to make your point.

I have not stated the problems with the D600 is solely a result of breathing. But breathing is certainly a possible explanation for some the dust reports. Many if not most reports are not supported by images, but rather complaints about excessive dust in general.

Some sort of air flow is needed to result in dust moving about and getting into the sensor box, right?

I have clearly stated that there are defective units.

All you can conclude by images taken from different camera bodies showing debris in the same area on the sensor is that the whatever defect, QC problem, or sealing deficiency exists, or existed, it is, or was, located in some proximity to that area of the sensor. We know Nikon has been replacing shutters, so perhaps there was a defective shutter, seal, or installation issue on many units.

I don't know how you can conclude that all dust inside the camera is generated from inside the camera. Clearly the camera itself does not generate dust? Unless of course QC is so bad that these things come with a lifetime supply of inside. Dust in introduced into all camera bodies from outside, to some, even very small, degree. The mirror on my D600, and D800, have some occasional dust.

Like many things in life there is often no one single answer or cause when things go wrong. Clearly with the D600 we have evidence of more than one issue: some just complain of excessive dust requiring frequent cleaning; others reported, early on, an oil like substance; some reported debris on new out of the box units that would not easily come off the senor, and once removed their cameras are fine. Some go in and come back fixed, while with others the problem is back after a few thousand clicks.

Many report no problems at all; others have had the bad luck to get successive units that have dust or oil issues.

I used a D700 for over 3 years and never cleaned the sensor. The mirror, but never the sensor. Never cleaned my D800. I had a Canon 5D that needed frequent cleaning. I use sealed lenses, zooms and primes. I don't expect my D600 to built like my D700, D800, or like my 1D MkIII was. I expect it will be more like my daughter's D5100.

My D600 is clean. If I had oil or debris that could not be cleaned off, I'd send it in.

I've left your entire response intact so you won't feel like I'm taking anything out of context! I never meant to imply that "all" dust is generated from inside the D600. Obviously, any camera will get some dust inside it from normal use. (Just hold a flashlight in a dark room and see how much stuff is floating in the air.) But the pattern of debris where there's a larger concentration in one corner of the sensor strongly suggests that, yes, the camera itself is generating dust (and sometimes lubricant splatter) from within. Even Nikon stated in its service advisory on this issue on February 22 that "These granular dust spots are reflections of internal dust generated with camera operation, or external dust particles that have found their way into the camera, either, or both of which, have adhered to the camera’s low-pass filter." https://nikoneurope-en.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/55647

Each prospective purchaser needs to evaluate whether this is a problem that is more prevalent in the D600. I've concluded that it is. I don't know exactly why this appears to be more problematic in the D600. I assume that the capable engineers at Nikon know the answer. So, for those folks who have a D600 that "is clean," as yours seems to be, that's great. In other respects, it seems to be a very good camera. But I've decided that there are enough problem reports on the dust/lubricant issue from reliable people in the field that I'm going to skip this generation of the D600. Just my personal decision.

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