NIKON D600 = Crippled Video mode !!!

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Re: NIKON D600 = Crippled Video mode !!!

I make my living shooting stills and video. I've owned Nikons for years and have a collection of fast primes and several zoom lenses. Add the two Nikon flashes, remote triggers, and accessories, and it's a very nice bunch of gear. I sold my SONY EX1R camcorder and have a D7000 and a fairly new D600. I shoot equal amounts of stills and video. On the D600 the stills are simply gorgeous. Amazing detail, color depth and lots of flexibility (especially shooting raw) are making me fall in love with shooting all over again. Superb stills camera. And of course, with my array of lenses, I'm fully covered for any location or studio situation. Sure, you can spend a whole lot more money on a D800, or buy a Canon. But if you want pictures that will blow you and your clients' socks off, the D600 is a tour de force from Nikon engineering for a really sensible price.

As for video, i see that many of you are pointing out flaws and problems that commonly found on forums and social media, I'd rather hear the practical experiences of people who actually own and use the camera to make a living. Like any creative endeavor, making video is way more than owning a camera - just because you have an Arri Alexa doesn't guarantee your video will be worth watching. Proper lighting, composition, and an eye for storytelling will get the most out of your camera. Does the D600 require sensor cleaning a little more often than others I've owned? Yes, but ALL DSLR's require sensor cleaning or you're not taking good care of your gear. Does the D600 get full-frame HDMI out? Yes with upgraded firmware. Has this ever been an issue? For me, never. Is there occasionally moire in horizontal lines close together? Yes, sometimes but not always, and once again, technique comes into play here. Can you control the aperture while shooting? No, but I've never "pulled aperture" in two decades of videomaking - not once. With my manual aperture lenses, I could, but just never have.

One major advantage to the D600 is its speed and responsiveness. The sensor, image processing, and controls are fast inspires confidence. I never feel like I'm fighting the camera for control, or that it's struggling to keep up with me like SO many others I've used.

So, from an actual owner of a D600 I have to say I'm not yearning for any other camera. Is it perfect? Of course not, no camera checks all the boxes. Can you make a living creating stories that require cinematic depth-of-field, lush gorgeous color, wide dynamic range, excellent low light performance, surprisingly decent on-board sound capture, two card slots, and a comfortable, solid, durable body with conveniently-located controls? For me, the D600 delivers.

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