FireFox 22 - I Advise Staying Away

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Update your drivers and plugins

SantaFeBill wrote:

I dl'd and installed FF 22 as an upgrade to 21.

I immediately began to get on most Web sites a 'FileType' error message to the effect that 'xxxx is not a container' or some such.

Also, some Web pages would cause the display driver to continually crash and restart.

What video card (brand/model) or video chipset?

You probably need to update your video card chipset drivers for starters.

For Nvidia drivers, go here:

For ATI/AMD drivers, go here:

For Intel integrated video drivers, go here:

As a general "rule of thumb", I check for video driver updates and install them around once per month.

If you're not using the current video drivers, you're just asking for problems.

Note that you can also disable hardware (GPU) Accleration in Firefox by going to Preferences, clicking on the Advanced Tab, and unchecking the box labeled "Use Hardware Acceleration when available"

But, if you're using current video drivers, then you probably won't have any issues leaving Hardware Acceleration enabled (giving you faster rendering speeds).

Part of Norton Internet Security was also flagged as being incompatible with 22.

Get rid of Norton and switch to a better AV software suite.

Went back to 21. It doesn't exhibit any of these problems.

Firefox is not the problem. Other junk you're running is likely the problem.

For starters. update all of your drivers (especially your video card drivers).

Then, make sure you have up to date plugins and add-ons installed.

Go here first:

Then, I'd suggest you load this plugin that can check other add-ons for issues (it's free):

Here's the deal... if you use outdated drivers, add-ons and plugins, you're just begging for malware infections.

That's because security vulnerabilities are fixed in new releases (Adobe Flash Player, Acrobat Reader, Apple iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. etc. etc. etc.)

The same thing is true for using older browser versions.  Each new version of a browser (like Firefox) usually fixes security vulnerabilities that will be taken advantage of by criminals when visiting web sites with malicious content.

So, I'd do yourself a favor and make sure all of your drivers, browsers, add-ons and plugins are up to date for starters.

That way, you'll be less likely to be infected by malware that tries to steal personal information (login info, passwords, bank account info, etc.).

Again, chances are, you're just trying to use outdated drivers and plugins, causing your issues with a new version of Firefox.

Fix the underlying causes first.  Then, see if it works OK for you.  But, if you try to stick with older browser versions, you're just inviting criminals to take advantage of security vulnerabilities. Bottom line --- don't do it. Upgrade everything and get the latest version working on your system.

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