Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

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Re: Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

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If I understand correctly your point, I would say that the reviewers usually refer to resolution obtained under MF conditions because they want to give a value that is always right, a limit of what that camera/lens combination is capable. In the case of MFT, where the precision of CDAF is very high, may be that is not so important. But with Reflex cameras (with mirror, and a separate AF sensor) there are frequent, very frequent, common really, back-focusing and front-focusing problems, that vary from one camera/lens combination to the next.

So if the reviewers were to give numbers concerning the performance of the camera/lens combination on AF conditions, that might be good for one, but meaningless for another person with identical equipment.

So, what I want is a review that tells me what a camera can do, at best. It is up to me to reach that or not, but at least I know the limit.

I hope this helps

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I like to know the numbers for a given combination e.g GH3 with the 35-100 /2,8 lens and with this number i have some thing concrete and not something vague or words!

Settle down, chill a little. Bob already supplied you with THE numbers, 42.

If you are going to post in English then get a better translator or find the question posted on the net and copy paste it. Show some examples even. For example a MF image and an AF image of say some tight converging lines printed out at 300dpi on a laser printer. I've read through all the posts and I still don't get what you are asking/posting.

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Complete wrong. A non existing number! Resolution is in lines.

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