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Re: Kendall's declared "even more reasonable questions"

Bobn2 wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Detail Man wrote:


As opposed to responding to my question with questions, I would be more interested in knowing how you see yourself (which is in fact the only person that you can reliably speak for) in your intended role, and how you envision specific ways in which your organizational position as an unpaid volunteer representing DPReview may, or may not, in actual practice facilitate that personal vision.

I will attempt to answer at least in part...

I'd be happy to speak to my intended role as a moderator. I am a simple gardener, subservient to the goal of having a heathy and vibrant garden (forum).

Good metaphor, it gives an impression of someone obsessive about grubbing out the weeds, just leaving the blooms. The only question is, why you would want to treat conversation as weeds and blooms, and who decides who's opinions are 'weeds' and who's are 'blooms'.

The garden owner decides what is to grow, the gardener helps ensure things go to plan.

The name of each forum is a map to the content within.

Also a garden is far more than blooms.  It is about leaves, the pattern of growth, the healthy interplay of water and sunlight in different amounts depending on each plant.

Often that means sacrifice on my part in some way, in order to improve the whole.

It's interesting, isn't it? Clearly you see yourself as someone sacrificing themselves for the common good, yet you and the other moderators here are quick to point out that this is not a democracy

I've never said the latter thing. In fact I don't recall anyone ever saying both things at once. Obviously different moderators have different mental models for the process.

I personally think saying "it's not a democracy" doesn't make any sense as a concept to bring up as the metaphor to this situation is too imperfect.

and it is the proprietor's right to determine any rules that they like. So, you are sacrificing yourself to be an unpaid agent of a huge international corporation which makes huge profits.

Exactly right, because I enjoy what they do. Why would I care if profits are huge? In fact that should delight anyone who enjoys what the companies produce. If Amazon's profits are not huge, then the forums might very well go away - why would I want that if I like using them?

You seem to feel like I should resent not being paid even though *you think* they have money to do so from the "huge profits". The problem I have with that notion is that for some jobs paid workers are actually much less effective than unpaid, but more experienced volunteers.

For example, I will switch to something else I do - trail cleanup. You could hire a crew to go along picking up trash from a trail. But do you know who does an AMAZING job cleaning trails?  Volunteer hikers!  Because they are the ones who will be using those same trails again and again, enjoying the views.  So while a paid worker might see a soda can in the middle of a really wicked bush and ignore it, a volunteer hiker cleaning up is way more likely to expend effort and scratches to get to that can since they would see it every time, to the benefit of all.

I think here you reveal your true issue - you inherently dislike large companies, even as you enjoy the fruits they produce. For some reason "large profits" offend you, even though they provide for a framework you seem to very much enjoy using.

Why would you do that?

Why would you NOT?? I am serious here. It is literally incomprehensible to me that someone would not donate time, effort and even money to help make something they enjoy even better.  In fact that is a major component of truly belonging to a community, doing some things that help everyone and not just yourself.

I speak at some local technical events for free.  Why would I do that?  Because I can help that community grow and prosper.

I'm part of a car club and donate time and money to help run events.  Why would I do that?  Because I can help that community grow and prosper.

To live any other way just seems pointless to me.

Or do you see yourself serving the 'community', and if so why do you think that this corporation has absolute rights over the 'community'?

The photographic community I am a part of (Sigma Camera Owners) is much larger than one forum. The corporation (Amazon) has no rights at all over the community, or indeed any ability to hold rights over the community.

What DPReview has done is put together, at a great deal of time and expense, a framework in which community members can share with each other.  That they have a lot of money left over is irrelevant  to my helping keep one part of that framework enjoyable for the community I am a part of.

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