Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

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Let us assume I take a picture with a e.g. Canon 650 with a given lens zoom in AUTOFOCUS , the resolution in lines is e.g. 1450 lines after the measurement.

I do the same (in AF) with a GH3 with e.g. the 35-100/2.8 lens in AUTOFOCUS and now I measure have 2200 lines!

I do the same with a Canon 5D MK3 with a zoom lens (the best) in AUTO FOCUS and now i measure e.g. 2300 lines

So i always use a very good zoom lens and not the best prime lenses because that is the way i like to take my pictures (and perhaps a lot of us)!

I do the same with the Canon 5D mk3 with the very best prime lens and I get 3300 lines. Wow much better I (we) I think.

But that is a shortsighted view, because I do not wanted this lens and I never buy such a lens!

So if the reviewers gives us only the value of the very best prime lens e.g. a macro lens than it is for me and perhaps a lot of other people who only wants a very good zoom lens and we use only zoom lens in AF that is not information I am (we) looking for!

There are a lot of reasons to use very good zoom lenses, so, please, no discussion on this point

Surprise, surprise there is just a little resolution difference between a FF Canon and a GH3 in AUTO FOCUS!

I like to know the difference between a FF camera in AUTOFOCUS and the speed and e.g the GH3 under the SAME conditions!

So than I know what I (we) wanted to buy

I can (you can) made mistakes if you do not know the figures!

So for me the results with the zooms in AUTOFUCUS are important and the results of prime much less

So for many of us (i think) it is much more informative when you know that number when you have the only need for a Gh3 with one or two zoom lenses and you used these zoom lenses in 97% of your shots.

I assume that there are a lot of intelligent people in this forum who understand my questions and the ones who do not understand my questions so please give answers and open door answers?

Pedagydusz has already given you an answer close to what I would say, but let me try just once.

1. DPR and other testers try to give us the best figures that the camera / lens can provide, so that we know what is possible with the equipment

2. The camera tests give figures for the sensor resolution

3. The lens tests give the range of results through the apertures/zooms/across the sensor space.

4. You are asking for auto-focus results. But when the camera/lens focuses and there is no camera shake etc. the results should be the same as the best possible.

5. Poorer autofocus/camera shake/shutter shock results will vary according to the user's handling and approach.

6. If you are getting worse results than the optimum, then the solution is in your hands, not the testers.

If you cannot see this, could you please supply the test protocol for 'your' intended autofocus test, please?


4. But when the camera/lens focuses and there is no camera shake etc. the results should be the same as the best possible.

That is not the true there is a big difference!

When you shot on a tripod and you shot in manual mode and compare the resolution in autofocus than you have in autofocus less resolution!

And that is the figure i like to know and this is neglected in review and tests!


No! No! NO! NO!

You seem to assume, that a lens performs differently when manually focused than it does when autofocused. Several posters have tried to explain to you that this is not the case.

Using any lens under less than ideal conditions will of course give less than ideal results, but apart from the problems with less than precise autofocus of PDAF, there is no difference between manual focus and autofocus. On a CDAF camera, autofocus is as precise as manual focus. PDAF can have back- or front focus problems, but that will be sample variations, not a general problem for the camera/lens combination.

Do you really think that a lens performs worse when used with autofocus, and on what data is this assumption based?

PS - it does not help that you write some words bold and underlined.

Yes,Yes, Yes

Do not blame me if you do not understand German.

look at the figures, etc, etc, and print and remember:-)!


Where is the comment on this youtube about AUTOFOCUS resolution info?


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