Are mirrorless cameras are really toy cameras?

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Re: Silly question easily answered

sderdiarian wrote:

Midwest wrote:

sderdiarian wrote:

Once mirrorless improves focus tracking to solve the one remaining downside, there will be no rational reason left for lugging about oversized DSLR bodies and lenses, only resistance to change.

Ah, another mirrorless user (don't know but I think it's a safe bet) explaining why a camera that works well for him is going to be good enough for everyone else.

I've had three SLR's (Konica, Olympus, Minolta) and two DSLR's (E-510, E-620) along with myriad lenses for same over the past 35 years. You're barking up the wrong tree on that score.

Enjoy what you have as I do, but let's not start planning any funerals.

Agree with you there, a place for both formats and each with distinct strong points at this time. Apologies for coming across like a zealot, a turn-off.

Not a problem. We've both got what we like, that's what matters.

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