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Re: We don't have that kind of time

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Ed B wrote:

sjgcit wrote:

Moderators have absolutely ZERO sympathy for people who get bored without a fight to watch.

I wouldn't want "sympathy" from anyone but do ask myself, and DPR, how this site managed to become the world's largest before specific moderators where assigned.

Because before it was so popular they could handle moderation themselves.

Past a certain point that was no longer possible, and over time we saw the rise of posters that were expert in skirting the rules so that any one post might not seem on the face of it to be trolling, but if you had read everything they had wrote over months were obviously manipulative trolls. Since the staff cannot be constantly reading every thread, there was no way to identify those people and flagging posts did not help since any individual post seemed on the edge of OK.

Simon does an outstanding job running this place but like any good manager he may need to step back and reevaluate some of the direction he's given to his moderators.

A really good manager also knows how to delegate, which is what they have done.

I think the directions they have given are really excellent. Basically the whole set of rules could be boiled down to "be civil to each other" which is perfectly reasonable and makes for a much more vibrant forum. It's way, way to easy to think of someone you disagree with on the internet as an inhuman monster, when in fact if you were both sitting at a bar you'd probably get along really well enjoying an argument over a beer.

Think of moderators as being virtual bartenders, helping to smooth out disagreements but occasionally having to take a really rowdy drunk outside.

I have no problem with moderators but think that every new program has growing pains and needs to be tweaked.

I do have a problem with heavy handed moderation and moderators who get carried away with their responsibilities but I'm sure all that will be worked out sooner or later.

Yes, any good manager will delegate authority (management 101) but the buck still stops at the manager's desk (also management 101) and any experienced manager knows this.

I'm sure DPR has an excellent team that will eventually the job of a moderator will become easier.

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