POLL: Where did you come from?

Started Jun 29, 2013 | Polls thread
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Najinsky Veteran Member • Posts: 5,739
POLL: Where did you come from?

No, it's not a birds and bees question, it's more about how did you come to Micro 4/3. Was it a from a larger system looking to slim down, or point and shoot cameras looking for something more advanced?

SLR user looking for a lighter / more convenient kit
70.9% 78  votes
Point and shoot user looking for more control / better IQ
20.0% 22  votes
It's my first system since getting into photography
1.8% 2  votes
I'm on a roller coaster, been everywhere, tried everything, just happen to be here at the moment, may change again next week.
7.3% 8  votes
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