POLL: on family holiday : how much time for photography?

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Re: POLL: on family holiday : how much time for photography?

I've often wondered how anyone can do 'photography' on family vacations or any type of family events (birthdays, Christmas, graduation, etc).

I hate when anyone I am spending time with is on their phone constantly, checking facebook or texting, and I can imagine others feel the same way about spending time with me and a camera.  And most people do not like having a camera stuck in their face much, nor do they like to be ordered to pose at every landmark - although I see lots of fathers ordering their kids to do just that.  Some fun vacation for the kids.  Anyway, I dislike photos taken in midday light, while vacations do take place in midday light.

So I might be disappointed at the lost photography occasion, but I would rather have good time with my kids (young adults) than a great photo of anything.  Especially since my wife has died, but I've always felt this way.  Being there is not enough, you have to really BE there for those you love.

I do bring a small camera and I do take snapshots, but don't work at it and don't consider it 'photography' time.  It has become a game, I try to include the kids in the snapshots and they try to include me in their iphone pics.

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