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Re: Kendall's declared "even more reasonable questions"

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Detail Man wrote:


As opposed to responding to my question with questions, I would be more interested in knowing how you see yourself (which is in fact the only person that you can reliably speak for) in your intended role, and how you envision specific ways in which your organizational position as an unpaid volunteer representing DPReview may, or may not, in actual practice facilitate that personal vision.

I will attempt to answer at least in part...

I'd be happy to speak to my intended role as a moderator. I am a simple gardener, subservient to the goal of having a heathy and vibrant garden (forum).

Good metaphor, it gives an impression of someone obsessive about grubbing out the weeds, just leaving the blooms. The only question is, why you would want to treat conversation as weeds and blooms, and who decides who's opinions are 'weeds' and who's are 'blooms'.

Often that means sacrifice on my part in some way, in order to improve the whole.

It's interesting, isn't it? Clearly you see yourself as someone sacrificing themselves for the common good, yet you and the other moderators here are quick to point out that this is not a democracy and it is the proprietor's right to determine any rules that they like. So, you are sacrificing yourself to be an unpaid agent of a huge international corporation which makes huge profits. Why would you do that? Or do you see yourself serving the 'community', and if so why do you think that this corporation has absolute rights over the 'community'?

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