One thing I miss about my DSLR

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Re: One thing I miss about my DSLR

OpticsEngineer wrote:

"1/40 and f10 for a moving bike, why?"

While panning, the longer shutter speed is to get a background blurred with horizontal streaks to give an impression of motion. A wider aperture would cause more blurring in the background that reduces the horizontal streaks.

The posted photo is so close to being really nice would be missing my DSLR too.

I don't think it is missed focus - it looks like motion blur (between the bicyclist and the camera - not the background). A DSLR would pose the exact same problem at these settings.

The shot may have worked at 1/80 and f/7.1, yielding the same streaky background, but reducing the bicycle/camera misalignment significantly, and this would likely clean up the shot.

Either way, use MF, then focusing speed is really irrelevant. On a shot like this pre-focus (distance to you and where bicycle will be) is pre-determined, AF is not needed.

No need to give up, and I am not convinced that a DSLR will be any easier (under same parameters/conditions) in usage.

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