macbook pro + external screen for photo editing

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Re: macbook pro + external screen for photo editing

lnguyenh wrote:

I am a little worried that the 13" + 24" (mbp + screen) experience would be a bit weird compared to 15" or 17" + 24" (bigger mbp or windows laptop + screen).

If you want to use them side by side as equals, then maybe. But you laptop screen will anyway sit lower on your desk than any external screen and I find the following arrangement quite useful:

Which, btw, this is a 24" and a 13" screen. Though it is useful to be a rather tall person to avoid the upper edge of your monitor setup being higher than your eyes (I've used a 15 + 24" setup as well, which has the same combined height as a 13 + 27" setup, but that might be the upper limit for me).

This arrangement is also the most natural one in regard to the placement of menu bar and Dock, ie, the menubar going across the whole upper edge of your monitor setup and the Dock being centered at the bottom.

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