Give up on Aperture 4 and jump to LR5? Wait for new MB Pro?

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Re: Give up on Aperture 4 and jump to LR5? Wait for new MB Pro?

Just because apple hasnt gone from AA3 to AA4 to AA5  doent mean they are lagging behind LR5. Agreed that there sone features that are better implemented in LR5, the reverse is also true. And most of the features added in LR5 already exist in AA3. Looking at from the point of view of image management software, AA3 has a far more intutive interface and a better image management capabilities.

I do expect the AA4 to come out soon after the new macs based on the new intel chip and the new OSx is releases, so that it can tap the extra power required to process the new huge raw files from the newer generation cameras.

Even if i were to migrate to LR5, i would still have to continue using AA, because of the over 100K images in the library.

Apple has been constantly been providing feature updates free, were as adobe has been making providing some minor features and selling it as a major upgrade.

Its basic apple philosophy, they will only release a product when it is perfect, with very little scope for further improvement at that point of time.

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