Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

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Re: Is AutoFocus more practice than manualfocus?

josbiker wrote:

In most cases i used the autofocus (97%) of my camera/lens and NOT the resolution in manual mode and/of on a tripod mode shown in TESTS and Reviews!

Because the combination lens/camera is the factor that counts and not the labour circumstances with the best lens on a tripod.

So the quality (resolution) that one can received in AUTOFOCUS counts.

So in my opinion is autofocus quality much more important.

Who think in the same way or not?


Stop shouting.

I understand.

What you want is a consistent measureable figure for AutoFocus performance with regard to sharpness, averaged across real-world examples using a camera + lens combination.

This would need to be repeatable, accurate and consistent-across-systems. (Like MTF resolution charts etc)


I don't see it happening, myself.

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