If the Red States Seceded...

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Re: If the Red States Seceded...

Slider44 wrote:

KewlEugene wrote:

Today, Guantanemo Bay and U.S. Federal prisons have Muslims permanently locked up for political reasons, without charges, for lifetime sentences.

You are either mentally unstable, or just flat trying to be funny.

There are no Muslims "locked up for political reasons, without charges, for lifetime sentences" being held in US prisons, or in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Well, they've been locked up for a while.

First of all, they are considered PRISONERS OF WAR, or ENEMY COMBATANTS, and are being held legally and according to international law.

Many dispute this.

Secondly, many of them have been released back to their countries, and told if they enter the war again, they will be subjected to capture, or killed. Their choice. Some did reenter the war, and are now considered Martyrs, because they were killed by US drones. Call em what you want, they are dead.

How do you know they reentered the war, or they were killed?

Third, those still being held are the worst of the worst, and are threats to this security of this country and the people living in this country. They are members of Al Qaeda, and the Taliban, if I need to remind you, they were the ones behind the 9-11-2001 attacks on this country. If I had it my way, I would open the prison gates and tell them to walk to the sea, and if they could swim to their freedom, they could be free. But, if they were ate by sharks, so be it.

I can't believe you're not in charge.

Fourth. Where in the world did you come up with this BS of some lifetime sentences and without charges? They are being held as enemy combatants during a war time. When the war ends, they will either be tried by Military tribunals, or sent home. They are being fed, have medical care, and are being given rights, the same rights they removed from over 3,000 American citizens on 9-11-2001. YOU MAKE ME SICK trying to defend these pieces of human garbage.

Yeah, that defense thing in the constitution, just get rid of that.  You should be a foreign diplomat.

It is people like you, who need a lesson every once in a while about why those people are being held in prisons. They are the worst form of human beings known to mankind, and if they happen to rot in jail, I for one will not lose on minutes of sleep over it.

Thank goodness you sleep well knowing people suffer, I feel better knowing that.  What if this happened to you?


I won't.

EDIT: The absolutely worst part of reading your post, is seeing you are an American and you posted this. How dare you. The men and women who serve this country bravely and with dignity and character deserve much better than reading your BS.

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I'm one of those who served this country, to do my small part so that he could say what he wants, as can you. Although he may not be factually perfect, he makes a point. You however wave the flag and talk tough seemingly without regard for reality or due process.

I know better than to debate with someone who is unwilling to see any side but his own, but thought I'd give it a shot.  Please try to apply that golden rule thing.  What if you were held in a foreign country without trial indefinitely because you look like people that have committed crimes. We wouldn't stand for that.  I'd personally volunteer to help get you out.  If they are guilty, they deserve the full measure of punishment, as would you or I if we were guilty.  Part of his point I believe is that we are conveniently hiding behind the 'Enemy Combatant' clause, in some cases.  One case is too many.  We already have a problem with over zealous prosecutors getting convictions on innocent people.  Before anyone can say they'll accept some of this, think if it was your child, or parent...

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