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We don't have that kind of time

Those of you under the impression that volunteer moderators are scanning through all the posts to find something to pounce on are quite wrong.  We simply don't have that kind of time on our hands.

This is why we encourage people to use the complaints system.  This is something we can see flagged on our screens.

What you're asking for is basically what we do already.  We watch for complaints and deal with them in as common sense a way as we can.  Yes, we do investigate context where time allows ( again - volunteers ! ).

As your common sense will tell you we will often monitor threads that are either controversial or which have had previous trouble in them.  But monitoring all the posts would be a task I'd have no interest in attempting unless someone started paying me ( even then I'm sure the work would be tedious at best ).

Trolling is of interest to some of you as a spectator sport.  Too bad.  It's a nuisance for ordinary members whose threads are disrupted and taken over by attention seeking egomaniacs.  Moderators have absolutely ZERO sympathy for people who get bored without a fight to watch.

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