Are mirrorless cameras are really toy cameras?

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Re: Are mirrorless cameras are really toy cameras?

JudyN wrote:

Ansel Adams would think your DSLR is a toy. There is little purpose for flipping mirrors any more and soon I think all of the issues will be overcome. The fact that the cameras and lenses are smaller for the same sensor has to be considered a good thing. For my photography, mirrorless is just fine.

I don't care for retro look either. But as far as features is concerned, look at the Olympus OM-D E-M5. I bet its features put many DSLRs to shame. My Sony A77 is also a very feature-rich and capable camera. It has a mirror, but it doesn't flip.

"I don't need no flippin' mirror.

A camera is a tool for making images.  Use the tool that best suits your needs, regardless if it has a flipping mirror or not.

"I don't need no piece of translucent plastic in my light path"  

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