New Canon 70D specs leaked!

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Re: New Canon 70D specs leaked!

It's interesting to see how many assumptions are made from a spec list.

Just because it has the same # of AF points as the 7d doesn't mean it will (or will not) have the same AF system as the 7d. How many of them are cross type? Will it have spot focus and zone focus like the 7d? Will it have the custom settings for tracking like the 7d? We don't know yet.

Until it is tested there is no information of the performance of the sensor. There is no information about dynamic range of high ISO performance.

Will the ergonomics be like the 60d (and 6d) with the button layout that is different from other Canon cameras with no joystick or will they bring back the joystick and the more common button layout?

How many shots will the buffer hold?

CF of SD? Single or dual slots?

I think it looks like an interesting release based on the leaked info (assuming it's correct) but I don't think it's reasonable to draw so many conclusions from such a small amount of information.   Also, as far as waiting to buy one goes, I'll take the camera that exists over the one that doesn't any day. People seem to be getting way ahead of themselves here.

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