Backing up external hard drive with Time Machine

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Re: Backing up external hard drive with Time Machine

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I have a 2008 IMAC with 350GB HD that is filling up.I have a 2TB external HD for backup of Mac HD.Also have a 750 GB Lacie HD idle.I would like to transfer photo files to 2 TB HD work on them there and back them up on the 750 GB HD(sufficient capacity for now)automatically using Time Machine.Can this be done?Thanks.

Have you considered upgrading your 2008 iMac? I still have my 2008 iMac and I upgraded the drive to an SSD, but you could always stick a 2 TB drive in there, and maxed out the ram to 6 gigs. It's not hard at all to do. There are plenty of good tutorials on YouTube.

Even though I now own a new 2012 iMac the 2008 iMac now works so well it is literally like a new computer. The difference is remarkable and should make its new owner very happy when I sell it.

I have upgraded to 6 gb and didn't notice any improvement from 4gb.The ssd is tempting-didn't know it was easy though that's a relative term in my world.Also at 5 years old was thinking there are things to go wrong aside from the hd.Thanks for the plan.

You wouldn't have noticed a difference if you were not already past the limit of what 4 gigs could provide. That's always the case for ram. You don't notice the difference until you really need it. The same with my current 32 gigs of ram.

The hardest part of getting inside the iMac was getting the glass and LCD screen spotless and without dust for reassembly. The key was a duster and a bit of moisture in the air. It's a worthy upgrade, at the very least, for resale. The 2008 iMac has good resale value.

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