Will the D600 be updated soon?

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Probably depends on where this model is in the line up ...

Nikon seems to update their "consumer grade" bodies on a different schedule vs. the "pro grade" bodies.  The D600 is a consumer grade body with a pro grade sensor.  It is used by many pros and amateurs.  So I'm not sure on what schedule they will put the D600.

The dust and oil thing is not an issue I believe that would prompt Nikon or any major manufacturer to jump their model plans.  Sounds like this issue effected a number of units, well into the first 6 months or more of manufacturing.  While we don't know how many, it was not significant enough to force a recall.

While this issue was hugh on the web on camera sites like this, it probably went unnoticed by the vast majority of buyers and potential buyers.  We tend to be a small cross section of users.

Having lived through the D800 left bank defect (2 service trips to fix mine), and with an unaffected D600 (refurbed), I believe Nikon probably addressed any QC or design issue (possibly both, which may be why many repairs seemed to have mixed success).

Like with the D800 defect, with the D600 there is a probably a ripple effect that is caused when owners read about the defect or problem, then seek to test their units.  This can result in a lot of false conclusions, or people seeing ghosts in the closet.

On the D800, for example, the defect could be seen using a fast wide angle wide open. At least 24mm, f2.8. Yet we had people reporting they had the defect based on tests using slow normal lenses and zooms.  And we had people using ultra wides concluding they had the problem because the side AF's were not as sharp as the center ... when both left and right were the same, which can be normal for many wide lenses wide open (not so sharp at the edges wide open).

On the D600, we have a consumer grade body that is not as sealed as a pro grade body. Compounded by many people using consumer grade, i.e. lightly sealed or unsealed, zoom lenses.  Like the 24-85 kits.  These lenses breath: suck in air ... and dust, moisture, etc.

So I suspect that at least some of the issue, perhaps a fair amount, comes from people shooting the sky at f22 simply because they have heard of the D600 dirty sensor issue ... people who have never realized that sensors do get dirty and need to be cleaned, and have been using dirty sensors for years.

I'd bet Nikon has addressed any real issues, will continue to clean dirty sensors for people, and will update the D600 according to whatever plans they already have in place.

In a sense, there may be a silver lining:  Nikon may relax their warranty on the D600, at least those manufactured in the first 6 months or year, and fix these these things regardless of refurb, gray market, etc.  I had a Canon 1D MkIII, bought as a refurb, that had the AF defect.  I sent that in several times for service, more than a year after warranty, and had not only no issues, but no charge.  I know someone who still has one, gray market, that has been serviced in the last year free of charge by Canon USA.

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