Will the D600 be updated soon?

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Re: I wished they would

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I've been thinking... with all the shutter replacements Nikon service has been making lately and the mixed-to-bad WOM the D600 has been getting because of the "oil/dust issue", do you think Nikon might release a quickie update with a fix to that issue and maybe a couple of minor tweaks to the sensor performance... or even with the 51 point AF system the D7100 just got. They would call it the D610 and revive the excitement about the FX entry camera? Hmm? Maybe? What do you think?

I actually lost interest in the D600. If I were to get an FF now it'd be the D800E, but I'm saving money for a while. I wished the D600s or whatever it's called would use the better AF, drop AA filter (Sony just did it with the updated RX1R with same sensor), possibly a few updates on the video side, like aperture control, and that'd be a good camera for me.

The sooner the better, but I'm likely waiting until next year anyway.

You shouldn't have. its a wonderful camera that gives awesome results. I was an early adopter & suffered from grease/oil. By 6000 frames I get occasional dust slightly faster than my D-70, D-90. But the results are phenomenal, I dreamed of the D-800 for a while, but right now with the best I mac available, i'm glad I'm only dealing with 24mp files. I shoot a lot of sports and get great results. Could not be happier at the moment, glad I didn't waste a year hemming & hawing about what purchase to make or spend months taking photos of white walls... Those who keep exchanging cameras or shutters need to be patient unless your shots are truly unusable. But exchanging because you see spots on the wall at F8 that cant be seen in real world shots is quit ridiculous.

Learn to wet clean & then try using a static brush to clean the sensor & you will be fine. I can count the times Ive had to clone out a bunny on one hand. At first I obsessed about it, but then got over it. It is by far my most favorite camera out of the D-70, 90, 300's. Now for those who have the serious repetitive problem, then I would return it, but those who keep exchanging cause the see issues on a white wall either need to relax and get out shoot more or just return the camera & get one of those canon fisher price 6D's..

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