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Re: Moderator Note : For the record

mehdrtr wrote:

Bobn2 wrote:

sjgcit wrote:

I didn't put any spin on the actions for the simple reason I didn't detail them.

I would respectfully suggest that your post did 'put a spin' on the actions. You said:

Posts in this thread have also been deleted because a very small number of members seem unable to accept that there are rules and they are not immune. Bans are an inevitable consequence for the more obstinate ones who ignore warnings.

So you are telling us that the cause of the deletions is people who seem unable to accept that there are rules and they are not immune.

I would hazard a guess that the people that you are talking about, whoever they are, may see the matter very differently from you. It is quite possible that they do not believe that they have violated any rule, and that the moderation that they have been subjected to is heavy handed and unreasonable.

I can see why you're confused. You seem like a good person, if with issues with authority, so I'll offer you a new angle that may help you understand.

How would you know right from wrong were not for the preachers vested with special powers?

I do not believe personally that concepts of 'right' and 'wrong' come from preachers. Nor do I believe that preachers are vested with 'special powers'. My own morality comes from a sense of empathy - if it isn't something I'd like to happen to me I won't visit it on someone else. When I get involved in fights here, it is generally only after I have determined that the other side actually wishes to engage in a fight - people who are passive or simply politely discursive won't get a fight, even if we disagree - as the saying goes, it takes two to Tango. Empathy is a simple consequence of evolutionary behaviour - empathic behaviour increases the chances of social species (which we are) passing on their genes.

As for preachers, which ones should I choose to take 'right and wrong' from? The Jihadist who tells me to kill the infidel? The white supremicist who tells me that I am one of 'God's' chosen? The one who tells me that I should deny children medical care? The one who tells me that my gay friends will burn in hell for eternity? For my part, it would be the one who tells me to do what I already know is right, and then that preacher is redundant is he (usually a 'he') not?

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