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Re: Think of all possible forum readers, and efficiency

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

lenshoarder wrote:

More importantly, most forums allow users to ignore other users. So if someone "trolls", simply ignore them and they can't troll you since you don't even see their posts. Some prefer to censor what others write. I think it's better that we simply censor what we choose to read.

That helps you, but ignores a huge number of people that read DPReview without ever creating an account. They don't know who is a troll. If they decide someone is a troll they cannot block them from future reading (because they have no account).

Would it not be up for an individual to decide who they consider to be a 'troll', and they can avoid reading their posts simply by not reading them? So far as I know, DPReview does not have a Clockwork Orange inspired user interface, where eyelids are held open while hapless victims are forced to read content that they don't want to. Everyone here has the choice to select what they want to read and ignore what they don't.

The argument that you put forward is the argument that censors put forward everywhere - that censorship is necessary to protect the great unwashed from being exposed to content they might find objectionable. I think in most liberal societies that attitude didn't last it through the 1960's, and the onus on censors has been to demonstrate harm in order to justify censorship. Of course in societies where the role of censorship is to protect the powers that be form seditious conversation censorship has a different purpose, but look at those societies and you will find that the censors maintain that they perform their role for the common good.

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