color checker profile (in lightroom) only work for JPEG file?

Started Jun 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
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andispiderweb New Member • Posts: 11
color checker profile (in lightroom) only work for JPEG file?

I followed all tutorials for color checker-lightroom and succeeded to sync my JPEG images into the camera profile I want.

However, these are JPEG images from the camera. I want to work with raw file or at least PSD file.

So my retouch pipeline was:

- opened my raw file

- save it as PSD

- back to lightroom and open it there

- and intended to sync this PSD file image with the camera profile

But this is impossible to do, because suddenly all the camera profile options (the ones we generated via color checker passport and the default adobe profile) are dissapeared. The only option of camera profile now is "embeded".

That's it. So does it mean that I have to convert my raw file into JPEG first ?

If yes, it's very unpractical and I can loose a lot of data bcause I thought saving it to PSD or TIF keep the image data better than into JPEG.


Thanks for your point of views.

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