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Detail Man
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Re: Kendall's declared "even more reasonable questions"

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

<...>What is actually motivating these people to allegedly "work for free" ?

What is motivating any user to post helpful advice in a forum anywhere? They too are working for free. How is that any different?

The internet is chock full of people helping other people for free. If I go to http://www.khanacademy.org, I can watch 3000+ videos providing education on a wide variety of topics, all for free.

Indeed looking across the internet, free is the norm and paid is the exception. If you go to just about any site for help you expect it to be free. If you send a message on twitter looking for help from followers you do not deposit $1 to tweet.

People love helping other people, a fact which the internet has channeled to grand effect. It's simply human nature to help others for no personal gain.

I find your enthusiatic visions of pure an unadulterated altruism abounding everywhere on the interent charming - but it seems to me to reflect a willingness to generalize regarding myriads of different people doing myriads of differing things that neither you or I could possibly hope to comprehensively assess in more that what might well strike many readers as little more than sweepingly general and Pollyannistic terms. Nor is it clear that you stated your own motivations.

As opposed to responding to my question with questions, I would be more interested in knowing how you see yourself (which is in fact the only person that you can reliably speak for) in your intended role, and how you envision specific ways in which your organizational position as an unpaid volunteer representing DPReview may, or may not, in actual practice facilitate that personal vision.

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