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Re: I think that is a bad idea

SigmaChrome wrote:

It's not just the level of moderation, Kendall, it's quality of it too.

If moderation becomes over-zealous, lively discussion is suppressed. People need to feel that they can express themselves without their personality being policed -- censored. All this does, IMO, is to drive people away. Don't get me wrong; I'm not suggesting that aggressive personal attacks should be tolerated, but I do think a moderator should suggest that a poster should use a more civil tone -- before they get too abusive. Simply censoring a comment is not necessarily moderating -- sometimes it is just 'butting in'. I really think a moderator's job is analogous to that of a chairperson, not a policeman.

Well said.  One of the big problems with the moderation on DPR is that it is over zealous and often heavy handed.  Combine that with snide remarks from some mods and you end up with a hostile atmosphere that will drive people away just as surely as troll and fanboy attacks.

Change is needed DPR.  Anyone listening?

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