Brand New D800E Autofocus Problem...What's Your Opinion?

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Re: Brand New D800E Autofocus Problem...What's Your Opinion?

Well I spoke too soon and am not happy as a clam...

I figured that three bodies showing the same left focus problem might indicate that my 14-24 was actually a bad copy and causing the problem. However, I really scrutinized some images from it and I'm sure it's not causing the focus problems. It is definitely softer on the left side, but not enough to result in the focus issues I've been detecting. I AF tuned the lenses and the 14-24 needed no adjustment. The 28-300 needed +5.  So, I shot a couple more flat surfaces just to be sure and it turns out the focus issue is present.

This is really frustrating and I am astounded that 3 out of 3 bodies all have the same problem.  I'm sending the current body back and will keep doing so until I get one that works correctly.  Perhaps it's time for a refund and new merchant, instead of more exchanges and two-week delays.  I've been dealing with B&H but maybe I'll try Amazon.  If I have to exchange yet another body it will probably be quicker.

If anyone's curious, the serial number of this current body is: 30140XX.

Which AF point are you testing with. The far left point or the next column in? Top, middle or bottom of that column?

Important that you check for variations in all of them as the problem is not necessarily linear from centre to edge. It takes a great deal of patience to test properly.

Alternatively you could look at your crops, think "this is pretty good for a mechanical focus system at this resolution, especially as lens aberrations can effect the results" and go out and shoot some photos.
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