What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

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Re: What prevents you from moving to a mirrorless camera?

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Yeah. Because listening to a heap of people with none/limited experience of their products is a great way to determine fact.

So you disagree with the fact that focusing of EVIL cameras are slower than SLR cameras and that framing photos through the rear LCD or an EVF is more difficult because of the refresh rate andthat LCD screen have compared to OVF that works at the speed of light?

In both cases, it depends on the cameras and situations being compared.

If you're trying to focus in low light, or with manual focus, etc, then EVF may be better and easier. If you're trying to chase a fast moving object through a long lens, then OVF may be better (though I think there's a better solution than EVF/OVF for that).

As for focus speed. Yeah, I'd put the OM-D up against most DSLR's for S-AF.Agreed.


Then there's that size thing. Canon has made a valiant attempt at producing a DSLR that can compete with mirrorless on size and weight with its SL1 (100D). While it appears to compare favorably when viewed from the front... http://j.mp/14g6oVz

...view it from the top with a standard zoom and it points out the unchangeable DSLR downsides of fat bodies and oversized lenses: http://j.mp/14g6D2S

The E-M5 is currently the most complete expression of mirrorless advantages:

  • small, light, rugged weathersealed alloy body
  • a comprehensive system of equally small and light high quality lenses
  • Excellent EVF with virtually instant refresh that can show all settings, a histogram and a level or simply a grid at your option
  • 9 fps shooting capability
  • 5-axis IBIS, the benchmark for all IBIS systems
  • always spot-on accurate and fast CDAF
  • tilt and touch 3" OLED screen
  • 14x image magnification in the EVF or OLED screen for fine focusing distant and macro subjects
  • excellent low-light IQ
  • dual control wheels

Once mirrorless improves focus tracking (only a matter of time, hopefully in the OM-D II this fall) there will be no rational reason left for lugging about oversized DSLR bodies and lenses.  Only resistance to change by people who likely haven't even tried the cameras, an ever diminishing audience.

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