Is the Ricoh GR truly pocketable?

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Re: Is the Ricoh GR truly pocketable?

You never fail to forget and mention it, do you Tom?

We are practically neighbours now and when we photograph together you always warn me how to keep my cameras safe from dust. You delibaretily moved to the Netherlands in 2008, because you thought I did something wrong with my GX100 in 2007 (I still think you know how often I had dust in that camera). I still thank you for that. What I learned from you that it is best to keep my camera home in the box, sealed that is. We discovered, well you did,
that I never had my camera in my jeans pockets, but instead always had the camera ready in my hand. Always ON, with the lens extracted. It just had to be electricity of some sort. First suggestion was to use no battery to reduce the Voltage within me, but that left me unhappy. I saw numerous photo opportunities, but everytime I came home without images. The second suggestion was to stay home and spent more time on dpreview instead. That worked very well, again thank you Tom, but left my wife unhappy. I neglected her and my kids.

When Tom returned to Australia. I picked up photography again. Since then I never had dust again. So best things to do are, don't keep a camera in your jeans pocket and when still concerned invite Tom instead for a beer (although he is not really a party man).
Wouter Brandsma

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