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Re: On Excitement

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

bosjohn21 wrote:

more rules and stricter enforcment make for a peacful but unexciting experience

Watching buildings be demolished is very exciting.

But you can only do that so often before you have no city.

At some point you have to allow time for buildings, cities, and communities to be built.

Even if it's not exciting, more comes from it in the long run.

I dont understand the buildings being demolished reference. I am not advocating anarchy only pointing out how moderation can effect our experience. I prefer a more livly forum because I have developed a thinkish skin over the years others will feel more comfortable with strict rules and dicipline. but I what I think I am hearing is the general concensus is for less moderation rather than more I could be wrong I often am

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