macbook pro + external screen for photo editing

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Re: macbook pro + external screen for photo editing

Thanks for the answers. It is as usual hard to take a decision. My plan is to also use the new computer to work from home. that involves linux development ( with a mac i could remote desktop to my linux computer which sits in my office, not at home). I also want to be able to do app development, and it seems for anything iOS, you need a mac. Performance/price wise, a gaming windows pc like a asus rog g750 would be a better deal than a MBP, but then, iOS development would be impossible. As said, I want to use an external screen for serious photo or development work. I am a little worried that the 13" + 24" (mbp + screen) experience would be a bit weird compared to 15" or 17" + 24" (bigger mbp or windows laptop + screen).

i do value performance and long term life of this new computer, but i also realize that be it a rMBP or not, it will always be an immense improvement compared to my current setup (Dell inspiron, 1.83ghz cor 2 duo)

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