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quadrox wrote:

You want to make all the rules and do not want to know what the other forum members have to say. This is your right of course (or more precisely, DPRs right), but this way lies malcontent for many of us. Therefore I am creating this thread to bring some much needed balance.

I am not doing this out of hostility, I am doing this so that you can understand my/other members thoughts. You guys are probably doing a load of good that I am not even aware of right now, but it feels like I would rather have fewer moderators than some of the mods we have today.

So let me respond to your post to be a bit more clear about what I see as a problem.

How to volunteer moderating works :

1. We're volunteers, so try to remember we don't have unlimited time to double check everything, read everything or read your minds. We do as best we can with limited time.

With power comes responsibility - it must be so. If you are not dead certain of a wrongdoing and you do not have the time to investigate or analyse, then don't take any action. If you wan't to hide behind "I'm only a volunteer, I don't have time to do this properly" then please just do not do anything.

2. If you have an issue related to a moderator you feel strongly about then the ONLY legitimate ways to deal with it are either PM the moderator in reasonably civil terms and explain your position or contact an administrator using Feedback. That's all there is. Any public attacks or multiple personal messages threatening or abusing moderators will at best get you ignored and at worst banned.

I agree with the public attacks part, but being unable to make your voice heard in a case of perceived injustice feels like you are an oppresive bunch of dictators. Even if you all just do your best, this is how it is perceived. Flaming/trolling/abuse should of course not be tolerated, but a civilized discussion should definitely be allowed.

3. We are normal members. We ARE entitled to express our views in threads. [...]

For the most part yes. But remember, with power comes responsibility. If you do not want the responsibility of making sure your post is not misunderstood as authorative, then you should not be a moderator - and I have seen a post of yours recently that was not stated so much as an opinion but a statement of fact. I know it was meant to be an opinion, but as moderator (I think) you must work even harder than everyone else to make this clear.

4. We don't get paid. We don't get anything material from this. If that kind of work interests you then contact DPR. They'd love a larger pool of moderators. People do leave - it's stressful and time consuming.

I would not mind being a mod, and being fair. Not sure that DPR wants me though.

5. We are subject to oversight from DPR. I can't give you details, but we do pool our information and we do have a private moderator forum. Admins do over-rule us sometimes. We basically don't care if they do because ultimately it's their website.


6. To the best of my knowledge DPR has never tried to influence what moderators post outside of things that directly relate to moderation. We are not toeing a party line.

I am not sure, but I doubt that this what is being complained about.

7. Although moderators can edit any post any time, I have seen this done only on very rare occasions. We are not seeking to censor or to control what is said beyond trying to maintain a reasonably civil forum. It would be as dull as dishwater otherwise.


I have heard much about the rules and the feedback forum but there is no link to either the rules or the feedback forum in the main forums menu. Is this an oversite? I should think you would want these to be easilly found. I have just spent half an hour looking for the rules with no luck.

i humbly suggest that at least one thing you can do is to include rules and feedback in the main forum menu

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