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AllMankind wrote:

DonA2 wrote:

A bit of respect is small payment.

Respect needs to be EARNED.

Moderators are inherently going to not be respected by those they moderate, because the interpretation of rules differs.

It is impossible to both moderate and "earn the respect" of those you are moderating.

Similarly it is also very hard for a moderator to "earn the respect" of the forum population at large, because (to quote the Barenaked Ladies song about a window-cleaner in Fall); "A crystal clear canvas is my masterpiece".  Most forum members will have no idea many actions have taken place except for brief glimpses, and we cannot even discuss moderation in forums, therefore what you ask is pretty much impossible for a moderator outside private conversation.  The quality of moderation can thus not be judged by respect of the moderator, but only by the level of enjoyment users have within a forum.

The actions of some mods here has caused me to lose respect for them. And while I do realize that the actions of a few should not reflect on the majority, that is the way respect works. Now the rest have to work harder to regain lost trust and respect. And that will happen ONLY if DPR reigns in the rogue mods. Or better yet, defrocks them.

Is that not a two-way street though?  It seems like it's always a handful of people are ones who are generally disruptive of any given forum (this has been true since the days of Usenet), yet often the cry from that handful is that they are to be treated equally.  How can a moderator treat a user "equally" to other forum members who never engage in questionable action, when the user repeatedly take actions that  the moderator has to evaluate and take action on?  In truth they themselves have removed the possibility of "equality" from any judgements made, so every judgement is made on the merits of the contributions of the user being judged.

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Oppose Tyranny in all its forms.

Trolling and flamewars are a form of tyranny too, holding hostage all the peaceable members of a forum who simply want to enjoy discussion related to what the forum is about.  They are a more destructive form of tyranny because they crowd out reasoned debate and conversation, leaving only ashes.

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