Aperture Still Doing Some Weird Things Processing RAW

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Re: Aperture Still Doing Some Weird Things Processing RAW

dadada486 wrote:

ok, just before i get further lost and lose other people, i have a photo on flickr, how do i post it here? When i use the insert image function above, it keeps saying dpreview only takes dng, jpeg or gif. How can i post the RAW file image that i'm trying to describe if that's the case?!

Can you save the raw image as a jpeg in a way that shows the problem? Or give us a link to your Flickr page so that we can see the two side-by-side?

My guess is that your raw developer is set to show something other than the full frame. But without seeing what you're seeing, no one here can give you any useful advice.

Have you tried to make your raw developer show you the same image that you're seeing in the jpeg. My guess is that that's where you want to start your trouble shooting.


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