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1. I like being able to post immediately from a camera like the NEX-5R to Facebook. A lot of the snapshots I take are ephemeral. If I wait until I get around to processing them, I'm going to end up working with RAWs and PPing them instead of just throwing up the JPEG. Then I notice they're not the best shots in the world, maybe have something technically wrong with them and just skip them. This is goofy, because my family really doesn't care - they just want pictures of the kids and our family adventures. This is one of the reasons smartphone cameras work well for people.

How does WiFi help you post to Facebook "immediately from a camera"? If you are shooting in the field, there is no WiFi around, and there is no Facebook app on NEX-5R

Actually, there is. It's called ‚ÄĚPlay Memories".


(or RX100 II, all other WiFi cameras except a couple of Samsungs) either. And if you can get to place with WiFi (your home, your hotel room..),

Both bars where I karaoke, my workplace, all the "fun crowd" restaurants have WiFi. Last hall I was in for a wedding had it. The art museum has it. There are all sorts of definitions of "in the field".

And if they don't, my phone has a "mobile hotspot" feature.

and you have something with decent browser or facebook app to upload something to facebook, you as well can have a little dongle for your SD card.

In lieu of posting to FB from the camera directly, being able to transfer images to my phone with the least amount of putzing around would also be OK. The least amount of work I've found is to use a USB host cable with my phone and just read the SD card directly. Less set up and less time per photo to transfer using WiFi from a camera.

Or this way - and it does not discharge your camera's battery. Or with one of the WiFi cards as I mentioned before.

which, if you've ever used one, are junk, because they have no UI, unlike a camera, which has at least an 8-way control, and on the compacts you're yammering about, more likely a touch screen.

2. I don't see this as being super useful, at least not how they've implemented this so far on the three cameras I've tried it on - the NEX-5R, Samsung NX1000, and NX300. For all three, this feature is more or less stuck on Auto - if you could control everything I'd find it useful for wide field astrophotography and maybe time lapses.

If anything else, it's another form of wireless remote. Frame on the camera, then hit the button. If you can't imagine a remote being useful, this feature is probably not for you.

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