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montygm wrote:

Thanks for the shots Sailor,

Must say I didn't quite expect that much of a difference in colour shift. Very interesting to know. Would make shooting against white background very frustrating.


If I use the strip softboxes by themselves there isn't a problem since I can use my Datacolor ColorChecker Passport to correct for any color shifts from the diffuser fabric.  As it stands there is no way to mix the strip softboxes with a gridded or barn doored metal reflector, the 40" softbox, or with a hot-shoe flash. Sometimes dry cleaning can remove the UV whiteness enhancers so that will be what I test next.

The manufacturer and supplier of my studio strobes and 40" softboxes is Ekasilp, right here in Bangkok. They don't make strip softboxes, which is why I bought the eBay ones.  If the dry cleaning fails I'll beg Ekasilp for some diffuser material and get a local seamstress to make me some replacements.

EKASILP : Ekasilp Industry Ltd., Part.

Problems like this are why I recommend you buy from a company with a good reputation and a nice range of accessories like Paul C. Buff, Elinchrom, or Bowens.  You are usually okay buying the house brands of well respected companies like Adorama and B&H.  The problem comes when you start mixing accessories and diffusers from different suppliers.  The cost may be a bit higher than if you buy a single brand but the lack of hassle is worth the extra cost.

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