New Canon 70D specs leaked!

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New Canon 70D... finally, offering Multiple Exposure on a Canon APS-C dSLR...

New Canon 70D... finally, offering

● Multiple Exposure (new) on a Canon APS-C dSLR... FF EOS dSLRS (1DX/C, 5DMkIII, already have it... SO,... WHEN will the PowerShot G get it??? Next I hope... (additionally, offer M.E. with mixing jpegs, not just mixing RAW)


● that also has Canon's "ExpSim" Exposure Simulation LV... (since 20Da/1DMkIII/1DsMkIII/5DMkII/40D... etc)


● Canon's classic Powershot VASS (Vari-Angle Swivel-Screen) which only showed up on the 60D kind of late... (Powershot G's having it since their inception... but EOS FF still lack... even if an oem modular one... (not stuck with built-in one to allow for flexible variant options/upgrades)... I wish!


● all with Canon's classic EOS-1 dual controls 'thumbwheel-and-fingerdial' on all higher EOS FF dSLRs (which allows one to adjust both aperture and shutter speeds simultaneously... ideal in Full M/M ISO... watching realtime dof/exposure simulation 'as one adjusts' without LV image interruption... and zero TTL metering needed... (I just hope this 70D "XXD" isn't as severely crippled as the 60D was, control-wise, (missing live wb; which even Powershots have) below the higher 7D's controls.

HDR... thanks... but please not the inflexible simple version!!! I prefer more FULL M control, as well as M ISO... with ExpSimLV, HDR can be so much more interesting creatively.


I wish my FF 5DMkII had a 'modular VASS', Mixable JPEG Multiple-Exposure (not just mixable RAW, and flexible HDR for stills...

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